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What Is Berachain Berps 🐻⛓️

Berachain Berps is a native Berchain dApp that is a decentralized leveraged trading platform which allows for perpetual futures contract trading.

Berps allows for low trading fees and a vartiery of pairs (e.g. ETH-USDC) and leverages of up to 100x. Meaning with 10 $HONEY you can place a trade up to 100x which would equate to 1000 $HONEY (before fees).

The base token for Berps is a native ERC20 stablecoin called $HONEY for all trades, payouts, and deposits. It is the main and only token used to open any positions. If you'd like to get $HONEY, you can do so by getting it at the main Berachain $HONEY Swap

Berachain Perps

Berachain Berps can be found at

What Are Perpetual Futures Contracts?

Perpetual futures contracts, similar to traditional futures contracts, allow traders to speculate on the future price of an asset and borrow a native asset (use leverage) to amplify potential returns larger than their actual holding.
The slight difference between traditional future contracts, is that perpetuals do not have an expiration and can hold position as long as they maintain adequate margin levels.

You can read more about it in Leveraged Trading.

Why Does Berps Exist?

Berps exists as a native dApp to contribute to Berachain's Proof-of-Liquidity and allow liquidity to be put to work to secure the chain.

The Berps dApp contributes to Proof-of-Liquidity by allowing users to deposit their $HONEY (Liquidity Providers) in the Berps Vault and for that contribution be rewarded in the form of Berachain Governance Token ($BGT).

Who Should Use Berps?

Berps is a speculative trading platform, and is meant for those who have a tolerance for risk. While rewards can be high, the risk of liquidation is also a possibility.


We do not guarantee price appreciation or depreciation in the future, nor promise any development of the project compared to its current state, and if you buy the token, you do so at your own risk.