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Depositing & Withdrawing $HONEY

Users can contribute $HONEY to the Berps Vault by going to Berachain bHoney Vault and depositing any amount of $HONEY.

[Graphic - Berps Vault + Link]

Where do you deposit honey and why would you do this?

  • Mention more on BGT (see tokens BGT)

Depositing $HONEY

[Graphic - Depositing]

Any user can deposit any amount of $HONEY to the vault.

When $HONEY is depositted, $bHONEY is minted and given to the user in the place of the $HONEY depositted.

Learn more here about $bHONEY.

Withdrawing $HONEY

[Graphic - Depositing]

Once $HONEY is depositted, a user cannot withdraw their $HONEY until 1-3 EPOCHS have past.

[Graphic - EPOCHS]

When the EPOCH threshold has been met, a user can request a withdrawal which will burn the equivalent in $bHONEY for the $HONEY deposited and any gains.

Staking $bHONEY

(Coming Soon). When a user has $bHONEY, they can stake their $bHONEY to be elligible to earn $BGT from emissions directed to the Berps bHoney Vault.