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Berps & $HONEY

$HONEY is Berachain's native stablecoin. It is an standard ERC20 Token and represents the equivalent of 1 USDC.

How Does Berps Use $HONEY?

Berps uses $HONEY by storing a cumulative sum in a Vault that is provided by Vault Stakers that allows traders to borrow to increase their leverage when placing a trade.

For users that deposit their $HONEY, they receive an equivalent token as $bHONEY.

If a trader gets liquidated in $HONEY, that amount is distributed to the bHoney Vault and a small percentage of that liquiditation goes to the foundation.

$HONEY is the only asset that Berps accepts to place a trade.

Where Can I Get $HONEY?

$HONEY can be swapped for other assets through Berachain Honey Swap or the Beracahin BEX.

[Graphic - Honey Swap]

[Graphic - Bex Swap]

Additional means to buy $HONEY are coming soon, and users can use Berachain's canonical bridge (LayerZero) to bridge over assets.