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Listed Assets

Listed assets are all the approved assets that can be speculated on by traders (ex: ETH-USDC, TIA-USDC, etc) with $HONEY.

Graphic - Markets

NOTE: Current asset price pairs are determined by Pyth Price Feed Oracles.

Asset Pairs List

Each listed asset pair has a unique index that is used to reference the pair in the Berps contract. Following is a list of the current asset pairs and their specific fee parameters:

Pair IndexAssetOpen FeeClose FeeLimit Fee

Learn more here about Fees & Spread.

How Do Other Assets Get Adopted?

Additional asset pairs can be added based on governance proposals voted and approved through BGT Station Governance.

Learn more here about Berachain Governance

Global Trade Parameters

In addition to the asset-specific parameters above, there are global parameters which apply broadly to all trades and users:

Max Positions/PairMax # of open positions on a trading pair per account5
Max LeverageThe max leverage users can obtain on their collateral100s
Liquidation FeeThe fee charged (on $HONEY collateral) for liquidated positions5%