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Berps Vault Rewards

A depositer can expect to earn rewards in the form of additional fees accumulated for depositing their $HONEY and $BGT from staking $bHONEY.

How Much $HONEY Can I Earn?

The $HONEY amount earned is proportional to the contribution from the depositer of the total profits earned from the Berps Vault.

How Do I Earn $BGT?

$BGT is earned through staking $bHONEY into a vault, and is distributed over time.

If a validator is directing emissions to the Berps Vault, every $bHONEY staker is elligible to receive a portion of that $BGT.

How Do I Claim $BGT

$BGT can be claimed on the Berps Vault Page, and the full walkthrough can be seen in the Guides Claim $BGT.