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Berps Vault

The Berps Vault, or bHoney Vault, is a Tokenized Vault alows users to deposit $HONEY, which is borrowed by traders to increase their leverage.

[Graphic - Screenshot of vault + Link]

bHoney Vault Rewards

Users who deposit can expect to be rewarded in $HONEY from any of the liquidation profits from trades, and/or $BGT.

When a user depositors $HONEY, they are automatically given $bHONEY as an equivalent to represent ownership of $HONEY in the Berps Vault.

As long as a user has $bHONEY, any liquidation profits will be distributed to to depositors at the time that they withdraw their $HONEY, which burns their equivalent in $bHONEY previously received.

If a depositor would like to qualify for $BGT rewards, they would need to stake their $bHONEY into another contract which would qualify them to receive $BGT whenever emissions is directed to the Berps Vault.

Learn more here about Depositing & Withdrawing $HONEY.

Berps Vault & PoL

The Berps Vault is also an elligible gauge for Validators to distribute $BGT emissions to and is one of a few native Berachain dApps elligible at the start to receive $BGT emissions.