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$bHONEY Vault & $BGT Rewards 🎁

Any $HONEY staked with the $bHONEY Vault and swapped for $bHONEY will accrue $BGT tokens over time.


$bHONEY Vault $BGT Rewards

$BGT is the native governance token of Berachain and Berps is one of the way to accumulate governance tokens to delegate towards validators.

In additional to delegating $BGT to validators, $BGT can also be burned for the native $BERA gas token.

bHONEY Vault $BGT Rewards Claiming

bHONEY Vault $BGT Rewards Claim Approve

bHONEY Vault $BGT Rewards Claim Success

You can always see your total balance within all Berachain's native dApps in your account details in the top right.

bHONEY Vault $BGT Balance