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Create Long Limit Order 📕

This will walk you through creating an order for a long limit order.

1. Go To Main Berps dApp

Visit the main Berps dApp at

Berachain Berps dApp

2. Choose Market Asset Pair

Choose which asset pair you'd like to make a position with in the All Markets dropdown.

Berachain Berps dApp Asset Pair

Berachain Berps dApp Asset Pair Dropdown

3. Set Long Position

This will set that you expect that the price of the asset will go up over time versus down (Short).

Berachain Berps dApp Long Positon

4. Choose Limit Order & Set Parameters

Select Limit, set the amount of $HONEY to place, the quantity of the pair asset, and the limit for that asset.

Make sure to adjust the leverage slider to see the adjusted calculator value.

Berachain Berps dApp Limit Positon

5. (Optional) Take Profit & Stop Loss

Adjust when the asset pair is to Take Profit at a specific amount from its current value (typically the current value + 25%+).

Berachain Berps dApp Take Profit

Set the Stop Loss to put in measures to not loss the entire amount placed for an order by setting a limit of when the asset price reached (typically the current value + -$15%+)

Berachain Berps dApp Stop Loss

6. Confirm & Place Order

Confirm the order by approving the token.

Berachain Berps dApp Approve Honey

Berachain Berps dApp Approve Honey Confirmation

When ready place the limit order.

Berachain Berps dApp Place Limit Order

Berachain Berps dApp Limit Order Success

7. See Open Orders

If the order is complete, you should see all your open orders underneath the main graph.

Berachain Berps dApp Open Orders