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Introduction To Berachain Berps 🐻⛓️

Berachain Perps

Berachain Berps can be found at

Berachain Berps (Perpetual Futures Contract Trading) is a liquidity-efficient, robust, and easy to use, decentralized leveraged trading platform.

It allows for low trading fees and a wide range of leverages and pairs of up to 100x. You can read more about it in Leveraged Trading.

Berps also revolves around the native ERC20 stablecoin - $HONEY. It is the main and only token used to open any positions. If you'd like to get $HONEY, you can do so by getting it at the main Berachain $HONEY Swap


We do not guarantee price appreciation or depreciation in the future, nor promise any development of the project compared to its current state, and if you buy the token, you do so at your own risk.