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Depositing & Withdrawing 🏦

Depositing and withdrawing from the $bHONEY Vault is a simple process of staking and withdrawing.

$bHONEY Vault

You can access Berachain Berps Vault at


Depositing only requires setting the amount of $HONEY desired to stake and approving the transfer. By depositing your $HONEY you will receive the equivalent in $bHONEY, that acts as an IOU, any fees accumulated and the bigger the amount of $bHONEY held over time will accrue $BGT.

$bHONEY Vault Depositing

$bHONEY Vault Depositing Confirmation


Withdrawing swaps your $bHONEY for the originally depositing $HONEY plus any accrued fees.

$bHONEY Vault Withdrawing

$bHONEY Vault Withdrawing Confirmation