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Claim $BGT From $bHONEY Vault 📘

One of the perks of staking $HONEY into the $bHONEY Vault is that an IOU token is received in its place in the form of $bHONEY. The longer $bHONEY is held over time, and when validators propose new blocks that distribute $BGT to those pool, holders of $bHONEY can accrued $BGT.

1. Go To Main $bHONEY Vault dApp

Visit the main Berps $bHONEY Vault dApp at and connect your wallet.

bHONEY Vault $BGT Rewards

2. Claim Rewards

If $bHONEY has been held over a long period of time, $BGT will accrue.

Click the Claim button.

bHONEY Vault $BGT Rewards Claiming

Click Claim Rewards button from the modal.

bHONEY Vault $BGT Rewards Claim Approve

See a successful claim transaction.

bHONEY Vault $BGT Rewards Claim Success

3. See Rewards

You can always see your total balance within all Berachain's native dApps in your account details in the top right.

bHONEY Vault $BGT Balance